Duchesse is a brand of wine. This name is a title of the French aristocracy. The Duchesses are renowned for their exquisite appearance, their strong character and their taste for refinement.

Duchesse wines are high-end wines, produced in France and distributed by Château Fort.

Sparkling dry

  • Pale yellow wine, with long and fine bubbles, a very aromatic nose, notes of apple and pear.

Red tradition

  • The color is light with cherry reflections. The expressive nose is spicy and peppery with aromas of cloves. The mouth is supple round with very soft and supple tannins … It is a gourmet wine.

Sparkling pink

  • Candy-pink strawberry color, sweet, fruity nose, flattering with notes of red “strawberry” fruits. Nice balance on the palate where the bubbles come to delight the palate. Very exquisite set that begs to be sketched.