After spending much of their youth in France studying wine and marketing, two young Entrepreneurs Franco Togolais decided to materialize their love of the South-West of France by creating a wine brand that combines the terroir with West African culinary tastes. It is a blend that combines elegance and finesses with the spicy flavours of West Africa. After five years of research, the two partners had a great meeting with an independent wine producer.
It was the meeting with a family of independent winemakers and owners in the south of France for several generations, which gave birth to the making of the wine.
A silky, elegant and delicate wine brand that blends perfectly with culinary specialities, spicy dishes, and the mixed flavours of the gastronomy of both continents.
Duchess de Château Fort is an African brand whose production is based in the south-west of France.
The estate is located in the Occitanie region in the Tarn, whose origins most likely date back to the Roman occupation.
The winery comprises nearly 31 hectares of vineyards, 64% of which are in clay-limestone land on the terrace overlooking the plains. The remaining 36% are located on gravelly soils on the left bank of the Tarn.
The stocking (75% black grapes and 25% whites) is very diversified to deal with a very wide range of products.
Mauzac, the oldest variety, is reserved for sparkling wines, but it also participates in the production of whites in association with Muscadelle.
Duras and Fer Servadou (or Braucol) form the basis of the appellation of reds.
Duras, an ancient grape variety, brings carpentry and finesse, while the more rustic Servadou Iron brings colour and spicy flavours.
Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet-Sauvignon, regional grape varieties, bring the subtlety of the aroma.
Gamay, a widespread grape variety, is reserved for rosé wines and premium wines.
Iguodala, Jurançon and Alicante are used in the manufacture of country wines.
The oceanic microclimate tempered by the autumn wind gives its diversity and richness to the vineyard.