Sparkling dry

The Ancestral Method, sparkling wine, comes from one grape variety: the Mauzac.TASTING:
It is a pale yellow wine, with long, delicate bubbles, a very aromatic nose, flavours of apple and pear. On the nose, it has notes of fresh pears and tart apples, with a hint of sweet orange. On the palate, small spicy bubbles support a creamy mousse, with a tangy and fruity sweetness. A bubble of pleasure …

The ancestral method is used can be enjoyed as an aperitif or desert at about 7 ° C. It contains 12.5% ​​alcohol.

In the last century, three appellations from the south of France, Clairette de Die, Blanquette de Limoux and Gaillac sparkling wine were very successful because the 100% natural ancestral method left intact the nose of our grape varieties.

However, the natural yeasts used being very independent, it sometimes happened that there was no mousse or that the pressure became uncontrollable. Today, controlling the temperatures in our wineries allows us to develop a wine of the past with today’s reliability.