The AOC Gaillac red comes from the association of three grape varieties typically Gaillac, aged twenty-five years on average:
40% of Braucol
30% Syrah
30% Merlot Terroir
These grapes are planted on the clay-limestone hillsides overlooking the plain of Rabastens.Vinification:
The grapes are picked manually and put into vats after crushing. The duration of the vatting does not exceed ten days to obtain a wine retaining all its aromas and very pleasant to taste.

The dress is light with cherry tints. The expressive nose is spicy and peppery with flavours of cloves. The mouth is soft, round with very blended and supple tannins. The finish is sweet and aromatic. We can actually find the spicy aromas of the nose. It is a gourmet wine. The aging potential is two years.

This delicate and colorful wine, with very subtle aromas, should be served at a temperature of about 16 ° C. It will ideally accompany cold cuts, grilled, roasted meat and cheese, as well as all simple and enjoyable dishes. It contains 13% alcohol.